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Happy Pet Owners

The Rios Family

Jones family with their blue heeler at the beach.

The Jones Family

Mrs. Jones on the couch with her two dogs.

The Petersen Family

Mrs. Peterson with her three dogs by the Christmas tree.

The Rodriguez Family

Rodriguez family on the couch with their yellow lab.

When we got our Blue Heeler pup we didn’t realize that she was deaf. We had to make a decision if we could handle a deaf puppy. We spoke with Amanda about it and she said that she had never worked with a deaf pup but came highly recommended by others. Skye picked up on everything that she threw at her. If you have a pup, we highly recommend Common Sense Dog Training.

We absolutely believe that Amanda is a true dog whisperer. This is Skylar and she was days away from being sent to a new forever home. She was a chewing, aggressive, terror who treated our Shitzu like a chew toy. It was not a walk in the park, but Amanda was always reassuring and consistent. If you have a fur baby that needs a BUNCH of help, or one that needs just a few tweaks Amanda is the answer! Thank you so much for helping our home become Skylar’s new forever home!

Amanda was amazing with our Great Dane Lily. On the first day Lily would not even let us put a collar or leash on her. There is a video to see what we were dealing with. Today she walked all the way to the stop sign and has successfully gotten in both of our vehicles. She is an amazing trainer. Thank you so much for not giving up on our stubborn baby girl. if you are looking for amazing patient trainer she is your girl.

Amanda is truly the best trainer. She trained our puppy (and us) all the commands needed to help us. We spent days wondering if our new little puppy was the right fit for our family because she was an excessive biter, loved jumping on people and loved to terrorize our older dog Max. Now we have all the tools we need and she's able to be out of her playpen with all of us. She worked on having our puppy have a better relationship with our 10 yr lab mix and our kiddos (7 & 3). We highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed.

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