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In Home Dog Training

Priced by the package not by the hour.

We work with your schedule to provide training to your dog in the comfort of your own home at affordable prices. All programs start with a 100% FREE face to face consultation with you and your dog.


We have 3 levels of training that you can choose from. Every level includes the same commands, but we increase the difficulty by changing the environment in which the dog trains. Schedule a 

free consultation so we can help you decide which level would work best with your lifestyle.

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In-Home Training: Services

Private in home lessons by our certified trainers.










This is where we lay the foundation for training. We teach five commands in total, which include name, sit, down, come, and stay. We come twice per week to teach your dog, and you, these commands. This gives you a chance to practice and build that bond.


Level up​


This program includes the same five commands as the basic level, name, sit down, come and stay, but also adds in some major life saving commands; drop it, leave it, and the emergency stop. This program really pushes the limit on the impulse control and teaches you some incredible tools. 



all american dog


This program is designed to teach your dog everything they need in order to be an all around good dog. Your dog would learn the same eight commands and locations included in the “level up” program, plus two leash training sessions, and we would start each session teaching you and your dog the “place” command. Place is ideal for dogs who rush guests, are always under foot, or tend to beg at the dinner table. This program is great for dogs of all ages whose owners want to go that extra mile for an impressive dog. 

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