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Common Sense Dog Training professional dog trainers in Texas

Our Certified Dog Trainers

Our team of certified dog trainers are all taught in house to assure quality training for every dog. Once they have completed our six month training program they complete an examination by CCPDT. The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers is an independent authority for global standards in dog training.

Our Trainers: Team Members
Amanda is a dog trainer in Texas with Common Sense Dog Training



Amanda has been training since 2018 when she first got certified. She specializes in puppies, and believes in giving owners the tools they need to communicate with their pets. Her mission is to keep as many dogs as possible out of the shelter by providing affordable training options to families.

Megan is a dog trainer in Texas with Common Sense Dog Training


Dog Trainer/CPDT-KA

Megan earned her certification in 2018 and immediately started working for a doggy day care as the lead play yard coordinator. She specializes in testing dog temperament and reading dog body language. These skills are useful for introducing dogs to other dogs, children, or new environments in general. 

Jess is a dog trainer in Texas with Common Sense Dog Training


Dog Trainer/CPDT-KA

Jessica is our southeast Houston trainer. She worked with dogs in shelters for many years. Her various roles there included temperament testing, walking, and supervising play groups. She has an especially soft spot for rescue dogs and loves helping owners understand what their dogs are telling them. 

Abbie is a dog trainer in Texas with Common Sense Dog Training


Dog Trainer/CPDT-KA

Abbie is a life long pet lover. She has cared for pets of all species for as long as she can remember. She was looking for career working with animals when she discovered her skills in dog training while working with her own reactive dog. Fearful and reactive dogs seem to be put at ease with her soft voice and kind demeanor. 

Brittney is a dog trainer in Texas with Common Sense Dog Training


Dog Trainer

Brittney has always loved dogs and has trained all of her family dogs herself. She started working with dogs as a kennel technician for a doggie daycare in Austin, TX before she moved here to Houston. Her favorite kind of dog to work with is the ones deemed to aggressive that no one else wants to go near. Her calm demeanor makes most dogs feel at ease in her presence. Brittney is currently working towards earning her certification through the CCPDT. 

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Dog Trainer

Kyra has been training dogs since she was eight years old and she learned very quickly that she preferred positive reinforcement techniques when handling pets. She has a Belgian malinois that is her pride and joy and she loves to do bite work and other sports with him. She loves all things dog and will “talk your ears off” about anything dog related if you’ll let her.

Learn More About Our Certification Here.

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