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These programs will start with teaching you as the owner/guardian how to handle a leash, treats and dog effectively and comfortably. From there we will teach you how to encourage your dog to stay next to you in a way that is best suited for you. These programs are intended for puppies or non reactive dogs. If there is reactivity with the leash for your dog, we will need to fix that prior to starting these programs. Reactivity training is under "Behavior Modification" and would be discussed during the free consultation." 

In-Home Training: Services






Practice Squad


This program focuses on teaching your dog to walk nicely next to you with minimal distractions. We start with teaching them inside your home where it is the quietest, and we end with walking in your neighborhood during a time where there are minimal distractions. This first level is to lay the foundation for an easy walk with your companion dog. 







travel team


Once the dog has mastered "Practice Squad", we increase the intensity by going to a louder environment. This could be a park, shopping center, or dog friendly store. Not only are these places louder, there are more smells, people, and animals for your dog to ignore. With this program we are teaching you how to handle your dog in busier places, as well as what to do if your dog breaks their concentration and needs to be brought back to attention. Plus, this is great for socialization!

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This program picks up where "Travel Team" drops off by adding the most difficult element for most dogs to ignore, other dogs. This level of leash training gives you the tools you need to get your dog to be a master leash walker. 

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