In Home Dog Training

Priced by the package not by the hour.

We work with your schedule to provide training to your dog in the comfort of your own home at affordable prices. All programs start with a 100% FREE face to face consultation with you and your dog.


We have 3 levels of training that you can choose from. Every level includes the same commands, but we increase the difficulty by changing the environment in which the dog trains. Schedule a 

free consultation so we can help you decide which level would work best with your lifestyle.

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Private in home lessons by our certified trainers.







Indoors at home

This is where we lay the foundation for all training. We guarantee 8 commands in total, which include name, sit, down, come, stay, drop it, leave it. This usually takes about 8-10 sessions depending on the attention span of the dog. We come twice per week, this gives you a chance to practice and build that bond.








Outdoors at home

After completing level 1, which is included in the price, we move to the backyard or a nearby secluded outdoor space. This is where we begin to test the limits of impulse control and build on the foundation of those eight commands. Staying while in a quiet room is easy, but staying with a squirrel on the fence takes practice.

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Outdoors at park

After levels 1 & 2 have been mastered, we go on to the ultimate distraction "THE PARK". Here there are new sights, sounds, smells, and creatures to investigate. Don't worry our professional trainers will guide the way.