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Woman, young girl, and their dog are receiving lessons from the trainer

Dog Training

It's Just Common Sense!

We are here to give you a better understanding of your dog. Not only do we take the time to teach your dog basic obedience cues, we then teach YOU how to do exactly what we just did!


You and you dog are learning a new language together. What's the point in learning if you can't practice?

It's Just Common Sense!

Packaged Programs

It's Just Common Sense!

We believe that proper training enables good behavior for your dog. "Good dogs" are less likely to be surrendered or abandoned.​

That is why our programs are tailored for the everyday American Family. 

We created affordable programs so more families have access to professional training. 

It's Just Common Sense!

Young boy is assisting the trainer in training his dog  to take it.
Trainer and dog are working on the leave it command.

In-Home Program

This program is our most popular and is best suited for dogs older than one year. We guarantee eight commands in total for each level. We do not charge by the hour or session. It takes as long as it takes.

Trainer is showing young girl how to teach her dog to sit inside the home.
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Family is learning how to train their dog in the backyard.

Puppy Program

Puppies can be a handful and we understand that, so we devote more time to ensure your puppy is well behaved. This program includes coaching with potty training, puppy biting, and more.

Trainer is luring puppy to an area that he is scared of in order to show that it is safe.
Trainer is rewarding dog with tug of war.



This option is for the client that doesn't need a full program. They may only need help with a few issues.

Kennel training, leash training, overcoming fears, and socialization are a few behaviors that we can remedy.

Trainer is working with a group of dogs.

Leash Training

 These Programs will teach you how to encourage your dog to stay next to you in a way that is best suited for you.


Trainer hugging puppy after a job well done.

Common sense dog training

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